Customized Training Plans

Go farther with a realcoachscott training plan designed specifically for you. Because each plan is built with your running goals, unique physiology, and lifestyle demands in mind.

Focused workout prescriptions are at the core of every training plan. And inside each workout are precise instructions to help maximize training effectiveness and improve performance.

Specialty Training Plans

Are you dreaming of earning your own Boston Celebration Jacket? Maybe you’d like to experience a destination 10k while traveling? Have you considered trying to set a PB on the blazing fast Berlin Marathon course? What about going for it at one of the ultimates in ultra marathons? Whatever type of race sparks your imagination. A specialty training plan can help you realize that ambition. 

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Power Training Plans

Today, power is the most reliable predictor of performance. It provides a single number that accounts for pace, slope, form, fatigue, and wind. It guides training as no other metric can. And with the data provided from your Stryd power meter, Coach Scott will optimize the intensity and training load of your workouts. This helps to maximize training stimulus, allowing for improvements in running efficiency, endurance, and speed.

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Stryd Power Meter

How Online Training Works

First, an individualized training plan is tailored to your specific objectives and loaded into your TrainingPeaks calendar. Inside each workout are specific instructions telling you how, why, and what to do. You simply complete the workouts as planned, then sync your TrainingPeaks compatible device. After that, your progress will be monitored. And, throughout the process, I'll make adjustments to your training as you continue to improve toward your goal.