Individualized Online Training Platforms

Because no two athletes are alike, realcoachscott offers three different online training platforms. Each platform is carefully designed to meet the coaching needs and demands of individual athlete types.

So whether you choose the Essential, Competitor, or Elite platform, each offers the same level of performance coaching, precision training and unlimited communication to help you achieve your goals.

Training Platforms Pricing

Every athlete deserves individualized precision training to help get them to their goal faster. Effective training produces successful athletes. And because your needs are unique, I offer three different training platforms. However, each provides the same level of coaching and unlimited communication, in addition to the following:
  • An initial one hour online onboarding with Coach Scott where your running history, needs, and goals are discussed.
  • A highly inidividualized training plan tailored to your running objectives and built around your lifestyle and work schedule.
  • A TrainingPeaks premium athlete account, with a one hour online orientation to help familiarize you with the TrainingPeaks app.
  • Unlimited text, email, telephone and Zoom communication to help you make the most of your training.
  • Individualized Training Plan Posted to TrainingPeaks
  • Training Plan Changes Due to Lifestyle Interruptions
  • Training Zone Reviews and Adjustments
  • Text, email and telephone communication
  • Daily Two-Way Coaching and Feedback
  • Individualized Race Strategy Sessions
  • Strength Training, Nutrition and Injury Prevention Advice

Essential Platform Is Best For Runners

  • With performance goals from 5k to ultra-marathon
  • With a predictable lifestyle and work schedule
  • Requiring little or no changes to their training plan

Competitor Platform Is Ideal For Runners

  • With specific race and performance goals from 5k to ultra-marathon
  • With a fairly demanding and lifestyle and work schedule
  • Who may require some changes to their training plan

Elite Platform Is Perfect For Runners

  • With specific race and performance objectives from 5k to ultra-marathon
  • With a demanding lifestyle and work schedule
  • Who require frequent changes to their training plan

Testimonials and Reviews

Listen to what some athletes have to say about their experience with Coach Scott. Then click here if you'd like to learn more about how he can help you reach your running objectives. Or go to Google if you'd like to read complete, unedited, five-star reviews.

Online Training Platform FAQs

Here's where you'll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about training plans and training platforms.

Have a question? I’m here to help. Contact me now.

Absolutely! And it all gets started on our initial zoom online consultation. There, we'll be discussing your running history and goals. And because an athlete coach relationship is built on great communication. We'll take the time to get to know each other and begin the two-way process. After which, you’ll feel free to call, text or email me anytime you need advice or direction. That’s what a performance online coach does!

Life happens! My job is to provide the best training possible. So if you’re unable to do that for any reason, you can stop at any time. When you’re ready to return to training, I’ll be happy to get you back on track. During COVID-19 I’ve had to accommodate many of my athletes who took breaks. As well as, those who needed me to design suitable alternative training to help them stay on track.

At the time you sign up we’ll discuss your running, training, and racing history. Additionally, I'll learn about your lifestyle demands and your goals. After that, I’ll email several documents for you to sign and return. As soon I receive those, I will begin building your training plan. From there, we’ll immediately set a date for an online orientation. At that time you’ll be introduced to TrainingPeaks, its functionality, and your training plan. We’ll also discuss the features of the app and I’ll share your responsibilities in the coach athlete process. After that, you’ll literally be running the next day.

You bet! I work with runners of all ability levels. From those in the back of the pack, to those a little closer to the front. If you have the willingness and determination to get better. I can design a plan for you no matter how fast, or not so fast you are.

That’s a really good question, and there are some really great online coaches out there. However, the runners I train come to me for a level of contact and precision training that very few coaches offer. First, every training plan is crafted by me for you, and I PERSONALLY coach each athlete myself. As a result, you’ll experience highly individualized, precision training that the others simply are unable to provide.

Certainly! I work with athletes from 5k to 100k. As long as you’re willing to take direction, I can get you to the finish line!

Although I’m a former competitive triathlete, I’m a specialty running coach. So yes, I can train you, but only the running component of your program. If you want complete program coaching, I suggest that you seek the help from a multi-sport specific coach.

That’s the best part! You’re in complete control, because there’s no automatic billing. Each month you’ll receive a statement and you simply pay your bill. You can stop at any time for any reason. Although, I hope you’ll stay on so that I can help you achieve your objective.